We Are Synthetics


Sculpting bodies like its 1986


we are Synthetics

London's Ultimate 80s Workout - Think of Synthetics as the Soda Stream of modern fitness, putting the 'fizz' back in Physical.

Cruisin' in from 1985 at 88 miles per hour with Dr Emmett Brown, Synthetics arrived to discover fitness had become serious, functional and legwarmerless! 

We are here to take Fitness out of it's industrial crossfit box and back into the aerobics studio where it belongs.

The Synthetics workout is a perfectly mixed cocktail of nostalgic aerobics, retro dance moves with the classic soundtrack of the 80s. A cardiovascular workout that will sculpt each part of your body like its 1986. Think long, lean muscles, crop top worthy abs and a hot ass... 60 minutes of sweat, squats and spandex!


'Fame costs, SYNTHETICS is where you start paying... in SWEAT!'  - Lydia Grant (FAME)









"If you have an 80s problem, if no-one else can help, maybe you can hire ... The Synthetics Team" - (The A-team)


who you gonna call?!.... Synthetics !

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